The schedule for the conference itself will be established after the May 15th deadline for submission of abstracts. The organizing committee will review them and assign them to oral or poster presentations during the conference.The keynote addresses will also be scheduled at that time and added to the conference schedule.

Keynote Speakers

Bob Burruss

USGS (retired)

Petroleum and Sedimentary Inclusion Session: Raman spectroscopy and PVTX of hydrocarbon fluid inclusions: Analyzing P and T of oil and gas migration

    Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez

    University of Alberta, Canada

    Session: Ore Deposits

      Daniel Marshall

      Simon Fraser University, Canada

      Session: Stable isotope disequilibrium in zoned emeralds precipitated from two phase fluids at chemical equilibrium

        Jacques Pironon

        Université de Lorraine , France

        Analytical Techniques Session: The history of the analytical techniques applied to petroleum inclusions and the recent developments using the microcapillary technique.

          Ed Waddington

          University of Washington

          Session: Other uses of fluid inclusions in ice cores

            James D. Webster

            American Museum of Natural History

            Session: Magmatic/Melt Inclusions

              Zoltán Zajacz

              University of Toronto, Canada

              Session: Analytical/Theoretical/Experimental